LBC Proofers


Our roll-in proofers work fast and efficiently, yielding even proofing with full loads or partial loads.

Essential for uniform proofing of a wide variety of products at varying temperatures and humidity levels

Roll-In Rack Proofers and Pass-Through Proofers

LBC proofers are built with durable components and with reliable, easy-to-use controls.

Proofers improve productivity and quality in baking breads. LBC proofers make the process of proofing easy and consistent, keeping uniform temperatures throughout the racks and even, constant airflow.

  • Easy-to-use controls located in the door at eye level
  • Four channel timers
  • Accurate settings for temperature and humidity
  • Single door, double door, triple door

Need help picking a model?

Consult our rack sizing guide to select a model that best suits your operation.
Printable Sizing Guide (pdf)

LBC Products

We are always innovating and will be coming out with exciting new products to support today’s market.