LBC offers a complete Roll-in Rotating Rack Oven, Roll-in Rack Proofer or combination Retarder/Proofer system designed to prepare the highest-quality products and meet the production requirements of bakeries or food service operations everywhere.

LBC Mini Rack Ovens are a convenient way to get big oven results in a smaller space. Designed for artisan style breads and delicate pastries, the LBC mini rack oven can outperform convection ovens with the results you expect from our rack ovens.

LBC deck ovens bring modern durability, performance and consistency, with an eye to the artistry and craftsmanship that is high quality baking.

LBC’s pricing is substantially lower than the industry average, leaving more money in your pocket.
Maximize your Return On Investment with LBC’s low pricing, low annual energy cost and low maintenance costs.
Let LBC’s superior design, quality, performance and ROI give your business the competitive edge.
LBC Oven Racks
Beginning with our first oven in 2001, our commitment to innovative product design, quality and customer satisfaction has made us an industry leader, supplying over 1/3 of the top 75 supermarket operators in North America, as well as food service facilities, with thousands of units currently in use.


“Our LBC Rotisserie saves time on cleaning, and does excellent cooking. It maintains as new by itself and keeps the chicken tender and well cooked. We and our customers are very happy.”

“…we are a national bakery franchise with more than 80 locations and an LBC oven in each.  The service, product and dedication to us as a customer have exceeded our expectations and we highly value our relationship with LBC.”

Commercial Food Service  circle  Wholesale & Retail Bakeries

Correctional  circle  Institutional Food Service

The LBC Bakery Equipment line delivers the capacity, consistency, performance and convenience you demand, for preparing and baking artisan breads, roasting proteins and just about everything in-between. We strive continuously to improve your product and reduce your costs.