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Spiral & Planetary Mixers

LBC Pizza Dough Mixers are built rugged and strong for mixing dough with lower moisture content. LBC pizza mixers can do the work that ordinary mixers can’t.

Spiral Mixers are used for developing and kneading dough. The spiral shaped hook pushed the dough ball to the bottom of the bowl and emulates the kneading action of the strong hands of an experienced baker. The bowl is turned with the hook to minimize friction and to maximize dough development. Spiral pizza mixers have greater bowl clearance, higher torque and slower speeds than conventional spiral mixers.

Standard Features:

MODEL: KM – Series

  • Heavy gauge, fixed, stainless steel bowl
  • Flour capacities from 27.5 lbs 250 Lbs
  • Dough capacity from 55 lbs to 440 lbs
  • High torque, dual stage belt drive
  • 2-speed digital controls
  • Manual back-up controls
  • Reversible bowl and hood motor
  • 3-18 HP rating
  • Front and rear levelers
  • Automatic over-current protection
  • Full bowl cover

Spiral Pizza Dough Mixer

Model/Capacity Kilogram Lbs Flour Lbs Dough Bags
KM-50T 50 66 110 (50#) 1
KM-80T 80 110 166 (50#) 2
KM-120T 120 165 264 (50#) 3
Note: Capacities based on 60/40 water to flour ratio

LBC Products

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