Rotisserie Oven

All rotisseries are available with angle spits, fork spits and baskets, and can be ordered with non-stick coatings, carrousels can also be ordered with the non-stick coating.

LCR Series

Rotisserie chicken is considered the highest selling single SKU by many retailers across the country. Roasted chicken has the aroma of a good home-cooked meal and the wholesomeness of fresh cooking.

LBC rotisseries and associated appliances have the versatility to cook a variety of products and the performance to keep up with your demand for fresh product.

LCR7W7-Spit Electric Washdown Rotisserie Features:

  • Capacity: 28 – 35 chickens
  • Temperature Range: 145 – 480 deg F
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Full-view double pane loading door with hinged inner pane for easy cleaning
  • Bright interior lighting
  • 3-event cooking capability with storage capacity for 3 recipes
  • Elbow-activated jog button to safely rotate and stop the carousel
  • Fully-automated wash system, activated with one turn of a handle
  • Dedicated Wash button to select “normal” or “heavy” wash
  • Grease separation system with individual drain lines for wash water and grease
  • Angle spits, fork spits and baskets are available in stainless steel (standard material) or with optional non-stick coating
  • Available with 7” countertop legs (standard) or optional LST7 Stand
  • Accessory: MSR7 Mobile Skewer Rack

LBC Products

We are always innovating and will be coming out with exciting new products to support today’s market.